Atomix.Atomix MP3

Atomix.Atomix MP3

Play two tracks simultaneously and perform various adjustments to them
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Matched the beats and levels of two songs, plays them together and modifies their pitch, mixes their beats and uses crossfades to improve transitions.

AtomixMP3 is an application, designed specially for DJs and music lovers to get their work done more quickly and efficiently. Users can use this utility to manage all their collection with its practically improved features very easily. Compatible with Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP, it provides full support a skinable interface and Winamp DSP plug-ins. You will surely appreciate this tool after experiencing its upgraded set of advanced features. Its features includes pitch control, Automatic BPM synchronization, Automatic level synchronization, cross fader, loop, cue, beat mix, visual beat representation and much more. Users don’t need to spend their precious time for matching different beats because, it automatically does this with its BMP beat matching facility, and its visual mix tool shows all the curves and motions of the audios helping you to match the beat manually. Moreover, you can burn your mix sessions into CDs and televise the same on the web. Even you can show live performance on the net and can start your own radio. So whether you are a DJ or a music lover, it will perfectly fit into the needs of both types of users.

Krishna Vulisetti
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  • You can cue and mix music even in worst sound conditions


  • It supports only English language
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